Caen Memorial

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Caen, a town destroyed by bombs in the Second World War, was the obvious choice to build a museum about twentieth-century history.

This ‘Cité de l’Histoire pour la Paix’ (City of History for Peace) uses an innovative design to offer a historic voyage and contemplation on a future focused on peace.

At the entrance to the building, you can read a phrase by a local poet, Paul Doray, who writes of Normandy: ‘La douleur m’a brisée, la fraternité m’a relevée, de ma blessure a jailli un fleuve de liberté’.
(‘Broken by pain, lifted up by my brothers, a river of freedom gushes from my wounds’)

The Caen Memorial is an unmissable Norman cultural and tourist destination, set in 35 hectares of gardens: the American garden, the Canadian garden and the British garden.

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