La Côte Fleurie

A bright and flowery landscape!

From Cabourg to Honfleur, the Côte Fleurie offers 40km of sandy beaches, cliffs and charming, highly popular seaside towns, such as Deauville, Trouville-sur-Mer, Cabourg (connected to Deauville by a little train that passes by the campsite), Houlgate and Villers-sur-Mer.

Numerous villas from the end of the 19th century are strung out across the Côte Fleurie, serving as reminders of the popularity of the seaside at that time.

Honfleur and its port have enchanted various artists, such as Boudin, Courbet and Monet, and it remains a delightful little town with narrow roads, lively alleyways and galleries.

Cabourg has managed to retain its Belle-Epoque charm, with its unique layout in the shape of a Greek or Roman theatre, impressive architecture, gardens, and one of the longest pedestrian promenades in Europe (almost 4km!), overlooking the sea.

All of these seaside towns still have their old appeal, in order to delight their visitors.

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